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Organic Cacao Tea

Tea made from the shell of the cacao bean

MiCacao uses the husks of 100% organic cacao beans to create a unique tea experience that's both healthy and delicious. Our cacao shell tea is light with a hint of chocolate and packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals—everything you need for a healthy mind and body. It's the calorie-free and guilt-free pleasure you never knew you always wanted.



The cacao bean is found inside the pulp of the cacao fruit and serves as the raw ingredient for chocolate. The nutrient-dense shell of the cacao bean has been used to brew cacao husk tea for thousands of years and serves as the foundation for our hand-selected teas. Using the natural properties of this superfood, we deliver a mood-boosting, caffeine-free, antioxidant powerhouse (40x more than blueberries) without a single calorie. That's right - zero calories. So, try a cup today and experience the amazing benefits of our delicious organic cacao tea.