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About Us

MiCacao (pronounced “mē-ka-cow”) was born out of a passion for health, wellness, and community.  Our co-founders are two Army Veterans who truly believe in the value of service and have a deep desire to empower others to do good. Their commitment to these ideas inspired them to create a brand with a simple message: Be healthy. Do good.

We are a veteran-owned food and beverage company specializing in cacao tea. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality cacao tea to communities all over the world and help improve the lives of others by promoting health, wellness, and social responsibility. We focus on three core pillars: health & wellness, social responsibility, and community.

  1.  Health & Wellness: We offer a 100% natural product with tremendous health benefits. Learn more.
  2. Social Responsibility: We ethically source our cacao directly from farms and co-ops in South America. We ensure the farmers and workers we partner with are paid fair wages, and we provide farmers with an additional revenue stream (cacao shells are normally discarded). We do all these things because we believe it’s the right thing to do.
  3. Community: We give back to our veteran community by donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that are committed to enriching the lives of veterans.


Our work

We are constantly in search of the very best cacao beans harvested in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. We only source beans that are grown organically and treated without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs. We insist on partnering with socially responsible organizations that operate in accordance with the highest standards of production. We believe in doing good not only by each other, but also by our communities as well.

We take extra time and effort to ensure only the best ingredients go into our teas so that you may truly enjoy them!