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About Us

cacao tree


We first came across Cacao Tea while hiking through Peru. Our guides offered it to us as a local drink that would "keep our bodies strong throughout the climb." They explained the history of the drink as well as its relevance and importance within the region. During the trek, we shared a few cups of this delicious tea with locals and other hikers alike. We soon came to love not only the drink itself, but also the stories that were shared while sipping it. We had such a great experience that we decided to share it with others. Although we couldn't replicate the individual stories themselves, we thought we could share the tea with family and friends in order to give them a reason to sit down and share their stories with one another. Several years later, the result is MiCacao.

So slow down, get together with friends, pour some MiCacao, and tell your story.

Our work

We are constantly in search of the very best cacao beans harvested by environmentally conscious farmers who grow these plants in a sustainable manner. We only source beans that are grown organically and treated without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs. We insist on partnering with socially conscious organizations that operate in accordance with the highest standards of production. We believe in doing good not only by each other, but also by our communities and nature as well.

We take extra time and effort to ensure only the best ingredients go into our teas so that you may truly enjoy them!