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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cacao tea?

Cacao tea (also known as cacao shell tea or chocolate tea) is an aromatic beverage made using the shells (or husks) of the cacao bean. It is prepared by steeping cacao shells in hot water.

Cacao husks have been used to brew cacao tea for thousands of years. It’s a delicious treat known for its chocolatey aroma, cacao flavor profile, and tremendous health benefits.


What does cacao tea taste like?

Our tea has a robust chocolate aroma and a flavor profile similar to dark chocolate with high cacao content. Much like coffee, cacao flavor varies based on where and how it’s sourced. Our cacao is grown in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador, which gives it a unique fruity taste with light earthy notes of caramel and toffee..


What are the health benefits of cacao tea?

Our cacao tea is a refreshing alternative to unhealthy drinks. It’s 100% organic, completely natural, free of caffeine, preservative free, sugar-free, and without artificial flavors or starches (gluten-free and vegan). 

  • 40x more antioxidants than blueberries
  • High source of iron, magnesium, and zinc
  • Promotes healthy weight loss and aids during fasting
  • Natural mood enhancer due to it’s endorphin releasing properties


How do you brew cacao tea?

Our tea is made from the shell of the cacao bean, so it’s not as fragile as other tea leaves or tisanes. To ensure full flavor is released, it requires hotter water and a longer steep time. We recommend steeping 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea (using an infuser or tea bag) in a cup of hot water (210 degrees F) for at least 6-8 minutes. You can enjoy it pure or with milk and sweetener!


What are cacao husks/shells?

The cacao husk/shell is the outer portion of the cacao bean. Cacao beans are found inside the pulp of the cacao fruit (cacao pod), which grow on cacao trees. Cacao beans are made up of two parts – the cacao nib (inside portion of the cacao bean) and the cacao shell (outside portion of the cacao bean). During the harvesting process, the husks are separated from the cacao beans to be used as the base of our tea.


What is the difference between cacao tea and cacao nibs?

Cacao nibs are the main ingredient that goes into chocolate during the chocolate making process. In their raw form, they are primarily used as a baking ingredient or as a topping. Our cacao tea is used primarily to capture the health benefits of cacao in tea form. The health benefits of raw cacao nibs and our cacao shells are similar.


What are cacao pods?

Cacao pods grow on cacao trees and are also known as cacao fruit. Cacao beans grow inside the fruit.


    Where does cacao tea come from?

    Although cacao originated in South and Central America, today it's grown and harvested in various tropical regions of the world.


    Where do you source your tea?

    We source our tea directly from small family-owned farms (fincas) in Ecuador, known for their famous "Arriba Nacional" cacao trees. These small farms grow, harvest, and prepare the cacao in micro-wet mills on their own land. We’ve developed real relationships with these families and personally travel to visit their farms in order to support their communities and ensure the quality of our products.


    Are there any additives or other ingredients in your cacao tea?

    Our tea is 100% organic and natural. We don’t include any additives, preservatives, or other ingredients.


    Does cacao tea contain caffeine?

    Our tea is caffeine-free. It contains theobromine, a naturally occurring chemical which has a gentle energizing effect that is long-lasting and increases feelings of well-being.


    When can I drink cacao tea?

    Cacao tea is great any time of day. It will help you feel awake and focused during the day. It will also help you relax and wind down before bed.


    How many servings come in a bag?

    Each 4 oz bag makes about 20-25 cups of tea.


    Can I make iced cacao tea?

    Absolutely! We recommend making it hot first, then putting it on ice or in the refrigerator afterwards. Add a splash of almond milk or creamer for an extra delicious healthy treat.


    Is cacao tea really a tea?

    Although named “cacao tea”, our beverage isn’t technically a tea. Surprised? So were we when we first found out! All teas must come from a leaf – and since our “tea” comes from the shell of the cacao bean – it’s closer to a tisane than anything else.


    What is a tisane?

    Tisanes, or herbal teas, are beverages made from the infusion of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water.


    Do you test your product for heavy metals and bacteria?

    Yes, we test every batch we receive for common heavy metals, bacteria, and pH levels.


    What are your tea sachets made from? Is there a risk of consuming microplastics?

    Our tea sachets are made from soilon mesh, which is a biodegradable plant-based compound easily broken down by microorganisms in the soil. They are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and they don’t contain any microplastics.

    Many traditional tea bags are often composed of a plastic compound called polypropylene, which can release billions of dangerous microplastics into your tea and the surrounding environment.