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Tea and Yoga: A Natural Relationship

Photo: Yoga Instructor Daniela Vuckovic

In almost every yoga studio across the country, there is a common element: a pot of tea brewing in the lounge. Studios encourage their students to linger and drink tea both before and after practice. So what is it about yoga and tea?

Yoga is more than just a series of movements; it’s about a creating a union between your mind, body and spirit. One of the challenges is learning to still the mind and focus on the present, leaving the worries of the past and future for another time. Savoring a fragrant cup of tea helps.

In 1968, Kundalini guru Yogi Bhajan brought both Kundalini yoga and an infusion of "yogi tea" to North America. Bhajan believed that drinking tea and fostering community were essential parts of yoga. Those same beliefs are prevalent today in the hearts and minds of yogis everywhere.

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