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yensisters blog about MiCacao

Health bloggers, yensisters, feature our tea on their site! See full article here.

 By yensisters | Apr 29, 2017 |




Hi Friends!


Have you heard of Cacao Tea?! It’s basically chocolate tea! So interesting right?! When we opened our bag of Micacao, the sweet aroma of chocolate came escaping out of the bag and it was so irresistible! 

Okay to be honest, we thought it was a little weird at first but saw the nutritional value of it and decided why not and gave it a go! And now I’ve been drinking several cups a day this whole week because it’s so yummy! I’m really sensitive to caffeine so I’m not a coffee person but this cacao tea does the trick for me! Really happy about this discovery! 

Cacao shells are usually thrown away in the process of extracting the chocolatey goodness so I really love the idea of making use the beautiful shells! Here’s the low down on this chocolate tea…

MiCacao uses 100% organic cacao beans to create a delicious tea that is both healthy and natural. Also known as chocolate herbal tea, Cacao tea comes from a drink that natives of tropical regions in Central and South America have been drinking for centuries. It’s light with a hint of chocolate and is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – everything you need for a healthy mind and body.


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  • MiCacao Llama on

    Our tea is a caffeine-free! Instead it contains theobromine, a naturally occuring chemical in various plants, which has a gentle effect that is long-lasting and increases feelings of well-being.

  • Henry on

    Does this contain caffeine?

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