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Winter Rituals With MiCacao Tea

MiCacao was recently featured in a Simply by Kate blog where Kate takes us through a few winter rituals to help us get through difficult times and come out stronger. See below for the beginning excerpt of Kate's article. You can find the full blog here: Winter Rituals With MiCacao Tea

I recently began reading Wintering by Katherine May, which has come at a time when I really needed her message. Katherine describes wintering as an inevitable period of life when you feel cut off from the world, blocked from progress, or cast as an outsider. Winterings are our darkest moments, and just like the winter season itself, they are inevitable. Last year was an incredibly hard year for most of us, there was so much unknown, change, and pain that we collectively felt (and may still feel) in such a short amount of time. Life is filled with these highs and lows! As Katherine stated in her novel, we all dream for life to be one eternal summer, or an unvarying high season. Even though we may try, life inevitably brings winter. We must all flow through a cycle of highs and lows, just as the seasons cycle through every year.



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